Craft Room Organization - Cricut Cartridges and Stamps

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Thanks to all you wonderful ladies (and guys) out there sharing all of your ideas on YouTube and blogs on organization. I am not the most organized person, but I love when things are organized. Organizing takes so much time. I will be moving at some point this summer. I don't know where yet, it'll be where ever I can find a job. The point of this story is that I bet I will finally get my new craft room all organized and then I'll have to pack it up and move. *tear* Anyway, thanks to everyone again. Here is how I have organized my Cricut cartridges and my clear stamps. I love both systems and would highly recommend them.


  1. CJToo ~ Tracy said...:

    Love the new blog look Kristen...the colors are awesome. Ü



    I just love my Cricut and I need to get my stuff organized!

    Thanks for sharing,


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