Why I Started Making Earrings

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Kristin disappears for almost an entire year.  Her whole blog is based on scrapbooking, and card making, and all things paper crafting.  Why on earth did she decide to start making earrings?

As some of you already know, I have become addicted to singing Barbershop harmony.  My boyfriend introduced me to it a couple years ago and I haven't been able to stop since.  At the moment, I am a member of Sweet Adeline, International and sing with the Pride of Baltimore Chorus and a brand new quartet, Just Sing!
Just Sing! performing for Pride of Baltimore on Monday, March 28
(I'm the one on the left)

As much as I love this "hobby" . . . err lifestyle, it can get pretty expensive.  I thought to myself, "I'm pretty crafty, I bet I could make the quartet earrings and we could save money that way."  Well once I started trying some ideas, I couldn't stop.  I love trying new things with the wire and seeing what comes out.  If you look really closely at the picture you can see the purple and black earrings I designed to match our walk around outfit.

I hope this helps you bridge the gap of why I am now making and selling jewelry.  I am still paper crafting and as soon as I get my new crafting area up and running we will return to the regular programming of minis and tags and pages, too.  And maybe I even have something up my sleeve on how to bridge the gap between the two.  There will be a few more announcements coming in the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!

Attempt Creativity Earring Release Party!

Friday, March 25, 2011
Today is the release of my brand new earrings!

From Friday, March 25th to Sunday, March 27th all of my earrings are 20% off.  Just enter EARRING20OFF when checking out at my Etsy store.
Attempt Creativity Etsy Store

Every pair of earrings is made to order and the colors can be customized to fit your occasion.

Stone Dangle Earrings
$3.00 $2.40

3-Leaf Clover Earrings

$2.50 $2.00

5-Loop Swarovski Crystal Handmade Earrings
$7.00 $5.60

5-Loop Chain Swarovski Crystal Handmade Earrings
$8.00 $6.40

7-Loop Swarovski Crystal Handmade Earrings
$7.00 $5.60

Tiered Chandelier Earring
$13.00 $10.40

Have a great day and happy shopping!

I'm Back!

Monday, March 21, 2011
Hey everyone!  I hope there are still a few of you out there.  I've been missing for quite a while, which I'm sure you've noticed.  So here is an update of what has been going on in my life.

  • I graduated college with my Mechanical Engineering degree
  • I got a contract position at DuPont in Wilmington, DE
  • I moved from Rochester, NY to Wilmington, DE
  • My contract for DuPont ran out
  • I am now searching for a job
As you can tell, it's been a busy year.  I miss my crafting and now I'm ready to get my life back into balance.

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon helping a friend with crafts for her wedding.  Her reception is Las Vegas themed so there are a lot of fun crafts to make.  Instead of a guest book, there is going to be a photo booth and pre-made scrapbook pages to put the photos onto.  I brought my Cricut and made some tags and other fun things for the pages as well as some nice cut outs of their names and date for the wedding to add to projects.

I also am starting to design jewelry, starting with earrings.  It originally started with making earrings for my Sweet Adeline quartet for competition (this really big and shiny) and I started making some smaller ones to wear everyday.  I will be selling them on my Etsy site and through my blog directly.  Just send me a little message if you want a specific color.

Here I am, back and ready to get my life back into order.  Hope all of you are well and I'll hear from you soon.